Appeal Theatre Group

All in a Good Cause

THE APPEAL THEATRE GROUP was formed in 1973 when a few enthusiastic thespians got together to talk about the possibility of staging a musical for charity. Since then the Group's membership has grown enormously and now represents a cross section of society of all ages and from all walks of life.

'All in a Good Cause' is the award-winning Appeal Theatre Group's motto, and its main aims are to raise funds for local charities, to entertain the public - and to have a good time doing it!

Every summer Appeal produces a major musical at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich, Suffolk. With the same professional touch, each autumn they transform a church hall into a little theatre where 'An Evening with Appeal' is staged, giving inexperienced members of the Group an opportunity to develop their art and to 'tread the boards' with more seasoned performers.

The Group fulfils its own needs, as far as possible, by building most of the scenery for its shows and by making the majority of the costumes. With an estimated cost of £17,000 for each major production, their ongoing policy of self-sufficiency enables them to create enough surplus to make sizeable donations to charity each year.

A Patron Scheme exists to encourage supporters to become more involved with the Group's activities, and new members are always warmly welcomed both on and off stage.

Appeal is very proud of the fifteen past members who have, over the years, moved on to successful acting careers, and of the five of its technical staff who are now happily ensconced in jobs in professional theatre.

How You Can Help the Group to Help Others

To find out more about joining the Group working on or off stage - or to join our growing list of valued Patrons, please contact us now.

The Appeal Theatre Group make most of their own costumes and scenery, and to achieve the maximum contribution to charity, we welcome donations of new and second-hand clothing, accessories and materials.

If you can help, please contact us by emailing:

Friends of Appeal

For an annual subscription of £5, you could become a friend of Appeal and like our full members, receive a copy of our quarterly Newsline; keeping you involved and up-to-date with all of Appeal's activities. Email us at the address above for details.

Appeal Theatre Group Presidents - Past and Present
  • Ian Hendry
  • George Hamilton IV
  • Harry Rowell
  • Diane Solomon
  • Victor Maddern
  • Richard Bull
  • Brian Hayes
  • Darren Day
  • Nan Kerr

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